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Sports neuropsychology
  1. H Clausen

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    Edited by Ruben J Echemendia. Published by The Guildford Press, 2006, £30.87, pp 324, hardcover. ISBN 1572300787

    That the discipline of clinical neuropsychology has come of age is well demonstrated in the text Sports Neuropsychology edited by Echemendia. This book integrates much of the 20 year history of the role of neuropsychology in sports, the current state of play, and future directions. It provides an overview of the integral role of the neuropsychologist in contributing to assessment and management of concussion, return to play decisions, research design, and individual athlete support. One might argue that this is unsurprising given that the book’s contributors are predominantly neuropsychologists. The value of neuropsychology in the diagnosis and management of sports concussion is, however, supported by later chapters written by other members of the sports medicine team.

    This text is primarily designed as an introduction to sports …

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