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Clinical and biochemical disorders of the skeleton
  1. J D Wark

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    By Roger Smith, Paul Wordsworth. Published by Oxford University Press, 2005, £125.00, 471 pp, hardcover. ISBN 0192617400

    For a book that looks relatively modest in size, this one is remarkably comprehensive. Perhaps the clear, concise, and fairly uncomplicated writing style has helped to achieve this outcome. The contents are as expected: background on bone biology and the investigation of bone and mineral disorders; a substantial discourse on osteoporosis; osteomalacia and rickets; parathyroid disorders; Paget’s disease; neoplastic disease and the skeleton; and osteogenesis imperfecta, followed by a scholarly presentation covering the wide range of uncommon-to-rare conditions afflicting the skeleton. The final chapter is entitled “Recent advances” and reviews a number of the exciting advances in bone research in the year or so prior to the book’s publication: it is …

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