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Sport and exercise medicine for pharmacists
  1. C Milne

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    Edited by Steven B Kayne. Published by Pharmaceutical Press, 2006, pp 376. £29.95, softcover. ISBN 0853696004

    I offered to review this book as, firstly, I am interested in the topic and, secondly, I am married to a pharmacist (she is the health professional I see most often). Her views are included along with my own.

    What should pharmacists be taught about sports medicine in a 350 page book? Pretty well the range of topics covered by the chapters in this monograph, with some variation in content as I will suggest below.

    The opening chapters describe the physiology of exercise, sports nutrition, and the role of physical activity in the community. Each of these is an excellent synopsis of the current state of knowledge in each of these areas, with …

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