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An uncommon ankle sprain
  1. Wart J F van Zoest,
  2. Rob P A Janssen,
  3. Carroll M E S Tseng
  1. Máxima Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  1. Wart J F van Zoest, Máxima Medical Centre, Veldhoven, The Netherlands; wvanzoest{at}


Objective: Ankle sprain is the most frequently occurring acute injury in tennis, accounting for 20–25% of all injuries. In the current paper, we assess the cause of ankle sprain and suggest possibilities to be considered during diagnosis.

Methods: We assessed a professional tennis player with a partial tear of the long peroneal tendon after an ankle sprain by physical exam, X-ray and MRI.

Results: Conservative treatment by means of soft cast and propriocepsis training led to full recovery.

Conclusion: Peroneal tendon disorders must be part of the differential diagnosis after ankle sprain in the professional athlete.

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