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IOC handbook of sports medicine & science: swimming, 2nd edn
  1. M Mountjoy

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    Edited by Joel Stager, David Tanner. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing, 2005, £24.95, US$46.98 (approx), €36.58 (approx), pp 149 (softcover). ISBN 0632059141

    The IOC handbook of sports medicine & science: swimming 2nd edn: does it sink or swim? Is this the book of champions, or will it be left to drown in the pool of sports science epic textbooks? As the chairman of the FINA Sports Medicine Committee, it was with great interest that I reviewed this handbook.

    One of the greatest criticisms of sports science textbooks is their lack of practical applicability. What good is the latest in technical scientific research if it has no applicability or benefit for the athlete in the pool? As I work closely with doctors, coaches, and athletes, I am most interested in evaluating the effectiveness of the authors in creating …

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