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Physiotherapeutic management of lumbar spine pathology
  1. M Cusi

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    Edited by David McDonald, Rick Jemmett. Halifax, NS, Canada: Novont Health Publishing, 2005, £69.72, US$131.35 (approx), €102.23 (approx), pp 196 (softcover). ISBN 0968871526

    Asking a sports physician why he would review a book on physiotherapeutic management of low back pain is akin to asking a mountaineer why he climbed Mt Everest: because it is there! On a more serious note, an interest in the lumbopelvic region included me in the targeted audience (“Clinicians in the orthopaedic conservative-care community”), and I did find the book an interesting read.

    It aimed to present a clinical model for the approach to a specific subset of patients with low back pain. This was done …

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