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Clinical sports medicine, 3rd edn
  1. T Edwards

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    Edited by Peter Brukner, Karim Khan. North Ryde: Published by McGraw Hill, 2006, £43.99 (hardcover), pp 1032. ISBN 007471520-8

    This book is the third edition in what has become an essential text for physiotherapists, sports doctors and sports physicians worldwide. Its strength lies in the multidisciplinary approach to regional problems seen in sports medicine. From the practitioners’ point of view, the book looks at problem solving and assessing individual issues from the point of patient presentation rather than the diagnosis. Brukner and Khan have enhanced the book by including key guest contributors who are leaders in their field. Having Per Holmic contributing to a section on groin pain or Hakan Alfredson writing with Jill Cook on Achilles pain can only enhance the credibility of any publication. It is, however, the multidisciplinary …

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