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Warm down
  1. Karim Khan

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As Professor McCrory transitions from Editor in Chief to Editor at Large, I thank him for his commitment to the British Journal of Sports Medicine over the past 7 years. How quickly we forget that at the beginning of his tenure all manuscripts were submitted on paper [those white sheets that are no longer in use, hence the need for the term “paperless office”]. In 2001, the Journal received 300 submissions per year; in the year just closed, 700 made their way through Bench>Press, the online entry point. There has been a clear acceleration of the Journal’s recognition as manifested by inputs (manuscripts), outputs (page downloads, web hits) and the calibre of authors from all parts of the globe. Although BJSM’s increasing impact factor (2.23) is not yet causing the editors of Nature to lose sleep, we now rank third among the clinically-relevant original data journals. Thank you to Paul and Janet in Melbourne, and Alex and Janet in the London office. Paul, it …

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