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Commentary on âAcid reflux into the oesophagus does not influence exercise-induced airway narrowing in bronchial asthmaAcid reflux into the oesophagus does not influence exercise-induced airway narrowing in bronchial asthmaâ
  1. C C Randolph
  1. Center for Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, USA;

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    This paper describes a well-conducted, well-designed, well-referenced and well-written investigation of the impact of oesophageal reflux on exercise-induced bronchospasm.Reflux on exertion has been documented in exercising individuals (10 in study) particularly in running or weight training (reference 13 in text). Previous reports have attempted unsuccessfully to find a correlation between oesophageal reflux and exercise asthma but have been limited by small numbers and absence of controls without exercise asthma. The authors present a statistically powered study with adequate controls. Reflux was established by dual pH probe for proximal and distal reflux with pH<4.0 for at least 60 seconds. Exercise asthma was established by 7 minute cycloergometer challenge with monitoring of spirometry with at least 15% decline in FEVI regarded as positive. Reflux was documented by placing a probe in the distal oesophagus during exercise. Subjects were tested at baseline and after 2 weeks on omeprazole. There was no difference in the incidence of exercise asthma in individuals with feflux with and without treatment. The authors concluded that acid reflux into the oesophagus does not impact on exercise-induced airway narrowing in individuals with asthma.

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