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Debating transversus abdominis, the “exercise pill” and whether flying limits athletes’ performance on arrival
  1. Karim M Khan
  1. Professor K M Khan, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility and Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; karim.khan{at}

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In this issue of BJSM, Allison and Morris (see page 930)1 question some fundamental beliefs regarding core stability. Whether or not you agree with them, the paper raises an important issue. It is difficult to move research into practice but sometimes practice behaviours do seem to take off ahead of the clinical evidence. Is this the case here or not? Make up your own mind. Associate Editor Professor Paul Hodges responds in December's BJSM.

Jill Cook (see page 863)2 takes this issue and considers it more broadly. Are all those patients who worked diligently on the Cybex machine in the 1980s better off for that? (I can see the younger reader yelling out: “Hey Mum, what’s a Cybex?”). But I digress. The editorial reminds both clinicians and scientists that close communication is essential. As one of the worlds leading …

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