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  1. Professor Martin P Schwellnus
  1. University of Cape Town, South Africa

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    Efficacy of a sports specific balance training programme on the incidence of ankle sprains in basketball

    Cumps E, Verhagen E, Meeusen R, et al. J Sports Sci Med 2007; 6:212–19


    Balance training to improve a reduced proprioception has been suggested as a pre-season intervention to reduce the risk of later ankle ligament sprains in athletes.

    Research question/s:

    Does a 22-week sports specific balance-training programme reduce the incidence of lateral ankle sprains in basketball players?


    Subjects: 54 basketball players (males = 37) from 6 teams.

    Experimental procedure: Subjects were assigned to either an intervention (I, n = 26, 19 men; performing a 22 week balance-training programme using balance semi-globes 3 times/week for 5–10 minutes in addition to their normal training routine) or a control group (CON, n = 24, 15 …

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