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  1. Professor Martin P Schwellnus
  1. University of Cape Town, South Africa

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    Preventing injuries in female youth football – a cluster-randomized controlled trial

    ▸ Steffen K, Myklebust G, Olsen OE, et al. Scand J Med Sci Sports 2008;18:605–14.


    Injury prevention programmes, such as the specific set of exercises developed by FMARC — the “11” —may reduce the risk of injury in female football players

    Research question/s:

    Does the “11” injury prevention programme reduce the risk of injury in female youth football?


    Subjects: 113 football teams (20 092 players)

    Experimental procedure: Using a cluster randomisation, the teams were randomised to either an intervention (11 group = 59 teams, 1091 players who were taught the “11” exercises for core stability, lower extremity strength, neuromuscular control and agility, and used these as a 15 min warm-up programme for football training) or a control group (CON group = 54 teams, 1001 players). Teams were followed over an 8 month season (< 3% drop-out in both groups) and all injuries (definition — unable to participate in the next training session or match) were recorded by physical therapists who were assigned to teams; coaches provided team exposure data

    Measures of outcome: Injury rates (per 1000 h) between groups, compliance with training intervention

    Main finding/s:

    Injury rates for …

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