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Hip labral tears, economics in sports medicine and guidelines for NSAID use
  1. K M Khan

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    I was going to entitle this WarmUp “Paris, ‘Outliers’ and Kudos to Scandinavia” but that would have meant that people Googling the Paris Hilton video would have ended up here. Didn’t want them. Why mention Paris (the place)? What struck me on a recent vacation in Paris was not its stunning architecture, amazing art collections or expensive cappuccinos — it was the level of smoking! Beautiful young Parisians clearly in love — with cigarettes. Smokers pack the best tables on streetside cafes; literally cheek by anoxic jowl with each other. The City of Lights is now the City that Lights. But relevance to BJSM you ask?

    The persistence of Parisian smoking in the absence of effective legislation illustrates what has been described as the “socioecological model” of behaviour change.1 In short, you cannot change societal behaviour one clinical consultation at a time. In lay language you can think of the expression “it takes a village to raise a child” — big changes need multi-level efforts. In popular literature, …

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