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  1. Martin P Schwellnus
  1. Department of Human Biology, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

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In an animal model of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, the application of a collagen-platelet composite (CPC) at the time of ACL reconstruction improved structural properties of the graft and reduced early antero-posterior knee laxity at 15 weeks after surgery.

Collagen–platelet composites improve the biomechanical properties of healing anterior cruciate ligament grafts in a porcine model


The outcome of ACL reconstruction is variable, and many patients have increased joint laxity postoperatively.

Research question/s

Does the placement of a CPC around the graft at the time of ACL reconstruction decrease postoperative knee laxity and improve the structural properties of the graft?


Animal material: Thirteen immature pigs that underwent unilateral ACL reconstruction with a bone–patellar tendon–bone allograft following ACL resection.

Experimental procedure: The animals were randomly assigned to a standard allograft (CON=6) or an allograft where a CPC was placed around the allograft (CPC=7). Animals were killed after 15 weeks and assessed clinically: AP laxity, structural properties (yield load, maximum load to failure, stiffness) and qualitative histology.

Measures of outcome: Yield load, maximum load, stiffness (all as a percentage of reconstructed to intact side), histology.

Main finding/s

  • ▶. AP laxity: In the CPC group, there was a significant reduction in AP laxity (reconstructed knees, normalised to the contra-lateral), 60° and 90° of knee flexion compared with the CON group, p<0.001.

  • ▶. Histology: Cellular and vessel infiltration were observed in both the CON and CPC groups; regions of necrosis were present only in the CON group.


In an animal model of an ACL injury, the application of a CPC at the time of …

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