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Energy intake and appetite after netball exercise in 13- to 15-year-old trained girls
  1. P L S Rumbold,
  2. A St Clair-Gibson,
  3. S Allsop,
  4. E Stevenson,
  5. C J Dodd-Reynolds
  1. School of Psychology and Sport Sciences, Northumbria University, Northumberland Building, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ST, UK


The aim of the study was to establish whether free-living energy intake and subjective appetite are influenced by a bout of netball exercise in female adolescent netball players. Energy intake and subjective appetite over 3 days (with two preceding maintenance days) after a netball and sedentary period were compared in a counterbalanced fashion. Eleven trained adolescent netball players; age 14.7±0.9 years, stature 1.66±0.06 m, mass 59.4±7.1 kg, body fat 23.1±5.4%, body mass index 21.6±2.3 kg/m2 and dietary restraint 2.13±0.63 (average category for high school females). During preliminary visits, a FLEX heart rate calibration1 and resting metabolic rate test were conducted, to later predict energy expenditure (EE) during the netball exercise and also 24-h EE over the 5 days. Subjects completed two 5-day treatment weeks, separated by a 2-week “wash out” period. A 47-min bout of netball exercise or equivalent sedentary period was carried out on day 3 of each treatment week. Energy intake was measured over each 5-day period using a combined self-reported, weighed, food diary and 24-h recall interview technique. Subjective hunger, prospective food consumption, fullness and mood were rated by subjects using visual analogue scales immediately before and after meals, the netball exercise and the sedentary period. 48-h energy intake was higher after netball exercise compared to the corresponding sedentary period, (18.6±2.5 MJ vs 16.7±3.5 MJ respectively; p=0.015, effect size=1.31). The girls felt more hungry immediately after the netball exercise compared to immediately before, (49±25 mm vs 35±21 mm respectively; p=0.037, effect size=1.08). Overall, trained adolescent girls felt hungrier and increased their energy intake during a 48-h period after netball exercise. Appetite hormones (acylated ghrelin) need to be examined to elucidate appetite responses to sport-specific exercise in adolescent girls.

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