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Effect of different intervention programmes on physical activity behaviour among individuals of Hyderabad region in India
  1. R K Venkata
  1. Centre for Physical Fitness and Sports Sciences, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India


Decreased physical activity is responsible for cardiovascular and metabolic disorders across the globe causing enormous financial burden by 2030 as per World Health Organisation. Modification of physical activity behaviours in individuals is an immediate necessity. This study aimed to identify and recommend an effective intervention programme to initiate positive physical activity behaviour among population of Hyderabad city, a software hub in India, where the physical activity levels are coming down sharply. Out of the total number of 4010 individual respondents of this study, 1050 were exposed to knowledge with physical fitness intervention wherein the individuals were explained about basic science of exercise of disease prevention in addition to practical exercise sessions, 860 persons participated only in physical fitness workshops wherein practical exercise sessions alone were included, 1230 persons participated in different medical camps in the city wherein poster presentations on importance of physical activity was done and 870 participated in various games and sports camps organised in summer. Physical activity behaviour questionnaire was administered prior and after 6 months of the interventions. Analysis of covariance revealed that the interventions caused a positive change in physical activity behaviour, but the knowledge cum physical fitness intervention brought higher positive effect, since the mean physical activity behaviour score 6 months after the intervention, adjusted on the baseline mean through covariance analysis, was 46.76; scores for the other three interventions were lower (40.55 for medical camp alone intervention participants, 38.85 for fitness workshop alone intervention participants and 36.86 for sports camps alone intervention participants) at 0.05 level of significance. Scheffe's post hoc comparison with a comparison difference of 4.49. Knowledge cum physical fitness intervention is effective in initiating positive change in physical activity behaviour of individuals.

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