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One physician's perspective
  1. Jean Claude Koenig
  1. Correspondence to Dr Jean Claude Koenig, X-ray Department, Umhlanga Private Hospital, 423 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Umhlanga, South Africa; drjckoenig{at}

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In Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers, he attributes success to environmental influences, and I share what may be a reasonably unusual confluence of sports medicine and radiology. I believe I can be a genuine enthusiast for both of these specialties.

First life—sports physician with an instrument

As a sports physician (1992–2002), I tried for 3 months to do my own ultrasounds (USs) using an intermediate level machine with a 12 MHz high-resolution probe loaned from an imaging equipment supplier. I received approximately 6 hours of training, and despite using the machine on a daily basis and trying to train myself from various textbooks and online sources, I eventually concluded that I was not adding value for the patient. At approximately the same time, the South African Sports Medicine Association application for registration with our Health Professionals Council as a specialty was …

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