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  1. Martin P Schwellnus
  1. University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Does the use of orthoses improve self-reported pain and function measures in patients with plantar fasciitis? A meta-analysis


Among many treatment options for plantar fascial injury, foot orthoses are included—the efficacy of orthoses in reducing pain and improving function for this condition has been investigated.

Research question/s

Do foot orthoses improve self-reported pain and function in patients with plantar fasciitis?


Experimental procedure: This meta-analysis was conducted after identifying six studies that met the inclusion criteria (only randomised controlled trials or prospective cohort studies, subjects with plantar fasciitis at recruitment, self-reported pain and/or function were assessed, data included reporting of means, SD and sample sizes). Efficacy on pain and function was compared against night splint use, and over three periods (>6 weeks, 6–12 weeks and >12 weeks).

Measures of outcome: % improvement in pain and function.

Main finding/s


In a meta analysis of six studies, foot …

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