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EMG in sports rehabilitation
  1. Shweta Shenoy, Secretary General
  1. Indian Association of Sports Medicine, Reader, Faculty of Sports Medicine, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, India


Surface EMG has been used to evaluate the functional status of skeletal muscles and assist in neuromuscular training and rehabilitation. EMG has a wide range of applications that include rehabilitation in various conditions as well as in specific fields such as kinesiology and biomechanics. EMG may be used to analyse muscle dysfunction in athletes, detect inappropriate muscle activation patterns and assist in establishing and assessing treatment outcomes in conditions like incontinence and low back pain. Low back pain in athletes is a condition resistant to treatment, and an understanding of this syndrome has been possible only through the use of EMG. The study of postural and neuromuscular control responses has demonstrated that these responses differ in low back ache and healthy subjects.

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