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New regimen for eccentric calf muscle training in insertional achilles tendinopathy: a pilot study
  1. Sandipan DasSarma1,
  2. Anirban Mallick2,
  3. Manabendra Bhattacharyya2
  1. 1Military Hospital Dehradun, Sports Medicine Unit, IMA, India
  2. 2Department of Sports Medicine, National Institute of Sports, Hamamözü, Patiala, Punjab, India


Chronic painful insertional achilles tendinopathy is seen both in physically active and non-active population. The conventional eccentric protocol which loaded the achilles in dorsiflexion does not show good result and article reviews refer 32% positive result. The aim of the study was to investigate a model of eccentric training and effect on chronic insertional achilles tendinopathy. 27 patients (12 men and 15 women with mean age of 30) both active and non-active with a total of 34 painful achilles with a mean duration of pain for 6 months participated. Diagnosis of achilles' tendinopathy is through VISA-A questionnaire. Improvement was measured with comparative VISA-A score and subjective satisfaction. New regimen is followed without loading into dorsiflexion. Protocol followed as three sets of 15 rep, twice a day, 7 days a week for 8 weeks. 67% patients showed significant VISA-A score improvement and a VAS decreased from 69.9 (SD 18.9) to 21 (SD 20.6). Rest shows VAS significant reduction but not fully satisfied. The pilot study shows an overall p value <0.001 in 67% satisfied patient. In this short-term pilot study, this new model showed promising clinical result of 67% patients in comparison to 32% as predicted for traditional protocol.

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