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Comparison of skill performance among tribal and non-tribal soccer players in relation to their motor fitness and anthropometric dimensions
  1. Pranakrishna Rout1,
  2. Ashok K Nayak2
  1. 1National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha, India
  2. 2Government College of Physical Education, Sambalpur, Odisha, India


Present study has been aimed to find out the difference of soccer skill performance between tribal and non-tribal soccer players of Odisha state, with respect to their anthropometric dimensions and motor fitness. The study investigated tribal soccer players of mean age 15.54 years from sports club, sports hostels and schools of western region of the state of Orissa (tribal origin) only. It also included non-tribal soccer players mean age 15.54 year were selected as samples from urban area of western region of Odisha state. The groups of sample selected for investigation participated in competitions held at district level and above. An anthropometric measurement of eight items has been taken of all subjects to assess soccer skill performance. The established Cooper's JCR motor fitness was administered to each subject. After sufficient rest, Warner Soccer Skill Test items were also administered to each sample. The data obtained from the investigation were analysed statistically. The analysis yielded significant difference between the two groups of soccer players with respect to height and ankle circumference parameters. However non-tribal soccer players are significantly more heighted than the tribal soccer players. But tribal players are superior to non-tribal soccer player with respect to ankle circumstances. It is concluded that the skill performance of soccer players with good motor fitness and more ankle circumference would be better than the performance skill of the player with poor motor fitness and less ankle circumstances. There is little difference between tribal and non-tribal soccer player with respect to the soccer skill performance.

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