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A comparative study of anthropometric characteristics and motor abilities between urban and rural sports girls
  1. Balwinder Kaur1,
  2. Gobind Singh2
  1. 1SDS College of Education, Lopon, Punjab, India
  2. 2Guru Nanak College, Moga, Punjab, India


The purpose of the present study was to evaluate and compare the anthropometric characteristics and motor abilities of rural and urban teenaged girls of Punjab. For this purpose, 34 (17 rural and 17 urban girls) were selected randomly in the age group of 15–17 years. Various body measurements including linear diameters, circumferences and skin folds were taken by following the standard technique of Tanner et al (1969). et al (1969). Somatotype were assessed with the help of Heath and Carter method (1967). The mean, SD and independent Student ‘t’ test were used as statistical tools. It was found that rural sports girls are heavier and taller than the urban sports girls. They also possess significant high rate of mesomorphy and lesser value of various skin folds. They are also better in standing broad jump, 50 m dash, and 600 yards run and walk test.

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