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Aromatherapy for sports and fitness
  1. Preeti Sharma,
  2. Tilak R Meena
  1. Lakshmibai National Institution of Physical Education, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India


The article describes the use of aromatherapy for achieving excellence in sports and fitness. Aromatherapy is the science of holistic approach for taking care of the body and mind using pleasant smelling of botanical oils. It has been extensively studied and found to be one of the fastest growing areas of alternative medicine. There have been numerous studies showing different plant oils' synergistic effects on body and mind energy facilitating excellence in sports and fitness. Most of the findings of these studies have found their way into various aromatherapy products and services. There are well over a hundred different natural essential oils having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antidepressant and even expectorant properties. The application of these oils not only helps to prevent and cure sports injuries but also to stimulate and relax the mind and body leading to higher fitness levels. Because of these inherent properties of essential oils, there is a growing interest in using them in toning up the body and mind in a variety of ways, viz. muscle preparation, musculo-skeletal, injury prevention, as sports medicine and an agent for uplifting sports psychology for achieving highest success rate in sports and fitness. Therefore, essential oils have a role in preparing the body and mind for optimum sports performance as well as postexertion recovery. They can be used as an aid to make the recovery faster by reducing the effect of fatigue and uplifting mind and body energy level. That is why essential oil therapy is now being recognised as a valuable therapy to enhance performance in sports and fitness.

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