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Nutrition and ergogenic AIDS symposium: nutritional and legal substances for increasing FFM and athletic performance
  1. Robert Girandola
  1. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA


Athletes are always trying to get an edge on competitors, whether it is a training technique, drug or nutritional substance. World Anti-Doping Agency and other drug testing agencies ban many drugs and ergogenic aids, whether these substances have efficacy or not. However, athletes often overlook some of the more benign substances because they appear to have no effect. This presentation will look at regular milk and chocolate milk as nutritional ergogenics that have proven to maximise the anabolic effect of resistance exercise (regular milk) and also to shorten recovery time following high intensity exercise (chocolate milk). In addition, two legal ergogenics, creatine and β-hydroxy-methylbutyrate will be discussed as potential anabolic agents that may also prove efficacious.

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