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Effect of zinc supplement on strength and serum lipid profile on active women
  1. Fatemeh Heyat1,
  2. Parvaneh Nazar Ali2,
  3. Shekoofeh Golkhoo2,
  4. Parichehr Hanachi2,
  5. Mojtaba Hadipour1
  1. 1Islamic Azad University of Fasa, Fasa, Iran
  2. 2Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of zinc supplement on strength and serum lipid profile on physical activity women. The target population of research was all of physical education students in Alzahra University. Twenty-four subjects (age=20.33 ± 1.7 years, height=163.12 ± 6.75 cm, weight=60.66 ± 8.27 kg) selected randomly. Subjects completed testing session at per week up to 8 weeks that included 1 RM test on bench and leg press (triceps and quadriceps strength) and blood sample analysis to determined TG, TC, LDL, HDL, LDL/HDL. Subjects were then divided in placebo and experiment group randomly. Either placebo (1 g/day dextrose) and Zn group (25 mg/day Zn) to begin resistance training for 8 weeks according to a protocol that design by author. The collected data were analysed by SPSS version 11 through t Student (dependent and independent). 1-Zn supplement (25 mg/day) had non-significant effect on strength of subjects and 2-Zn supplement (25 mg/day) had non-significant effect on serum lipid profile in both groups. The findings of this study indicate that using Zn supplement does not appear enhance strength and also does not have positive effect on serum lipid profile. According to this finding author suggested that using of Zn supplement should be under taken by physician. It is required that non-significant results may because of amount of used the supplement, the kind of contraction recruit in the resistance training and the time of apply the supplement therefore these results maybe not severe and exceed investigation seem necessary.

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