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Comparison of the basic motor abilities and school achievements in the first grade elementary school boys who attended pre-school with those who did not
  1. Amin Mohammadi Demih,
  2. Ali Khajeh Landi
  1. 1Islamic Azad University, Gachsaran Branch, Iran


The purpose of this study was to compare the basic motor abilities and school achievement of first grade elementary school boy's students who attended pre-school and those students who did not. This research is a causal-comparative study. Two-hundred students (100 with pre-school and 100 without pre-school) were chosen by stage random sampling. The instrument of this study was the basic motor ability test constructed by Arenhim and Sinkler (1974). The test of hypothesis at p<0.05 showed that: there were significant differences between the scores of the basic motor abilities and academic achievement students who attended pre-school and those who did not. Those attended pre-school showed better achievement. Therefore, it is recommended to provide situation for pre-school children to increase basic motor abilities under supervision of skill teachers.

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