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The effects of imagery in soccer players perceptions of anxiety during penalty kick
  1. Hassan Ghrayagh Zandi,
  2. Hassan Masomi
  1. Azad University, Chaloos, Iran


The aim of this study was to find out the effect of imagery in soccer players perception of anxiety during penalty kick. This study was experimental study and the researcher by simple sample randoming method selected 40 men soccer players out of 200 players, they had 18–35 years of age and measured their level of anxiety with SCAI2 question mentioned. The players followed imagery programme for 10 week and 4 days every week and researcher compared the score of pretest and post-test with the ‘t’ test. With mention result of this study imagery practice had positive effect on reduce of anxiety and imagery practice with kick training had more effect on reduce of anxiety than just kick practice during penalty kick.

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