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Constraints of Indian women participation in games and sports
  1. Nalluri Srinivasa Rao
  1. Lecturer in Physical Education, VKR College, Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India


‘Women in Sport’ has been a topic virtually ignored by most scholars and thus female sport participation has been a relatively undeveloped area of research. Sex role, stereotyping, male research bias and the reward structure of society have contributed to this neglect. Currently, sport for women represents a fast growing changing element in Indian culture, and recent trends have sparked a need for knowledge about the female sport participation.

Statement of the problem The problem under investigation was a study on the constraints of women participation in sports in India. The constraints referred to in the problem stated above will be confined to the study of parental, community, tradition, religion, college and personal constraints of women participation in sports in India.

Significance of the Study This study has brought to light some new facts regarding women's non-participation in games and sports. The results may go a long way in removing some of these prejudices, thus, some hidden talents of women will be helpful to improve the level of participation and achievement at the national and international level.

Population The population under this study was college women who were studying Pre-Degree, Degree and PG Colleges in the Arts, Science and Professional Colleges in India.

Sample Thousand women of 25 colleges were selected from 12 states in India on a random sampling basis. They were the subjects for the present study and they were selected from selected states in India.

  1. There has been lack of encouragement from the parents and family members.

  2. The traditional way of living was a big hurdle for women taking part in games and sports.

  3. There was lack of sports orientation of the people living in the society. Taking part in games and sports for women has not been become a common phenomenon.

  4. There had not been a good leadership among physical education personnel and a proper motivating system.

  5. It has been clearly found that government college women had expressed more constraints compared to private college women.

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