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Role of incentive marks in women's sports participation
  1. P B Nandurkar,
  2. P P Nandurkar,
  3. H J Petkar
  1. Dr Babasaheb Nandurkar College of Physical Education, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India


In our Pride India, percentage ratio of men and women is 52.48 and percentage ratio for the literacy among the men and women is 70 and 48, respectively. Woman play vital role in development of India. Hence she should get the representation in all area like education, employment and sports. But even after the 62 years of the independence, women are still deprived in this male dominant culture and her participation is very negligible in sports. Even considering the ratio of men and women at Olympic it is 58:42. Also the numbers of games which are dedicated to men is more that the games that has been played by women. Even at local level like school level or intercollegiate level, women's participation in sports is very less as compare to men. The reasons for this less participation could be (1) less % of literacy, (2) male dominant culture, (3) family and social level abstraction, (4) less availability of women coach, (5) no independent games facilities for women, (6) child marriage, (7) low health conscience, (8) more emphasis on study, (9) cut through competition in education, (10) more emphasis on tuition classes, (11) less importance to sports at society level, (12) lack of government plans for sports person and (13) lack of incentive marks.

It has been observed constantly that instead of overall development of students, parents are after the merit and percentage of their child. Now it is necessary to inculcate the feeling that the sport is also a part of education and plays vital role in life of individual. Especially for 10th class percentage, parents start the tuition classes from 9th class, from 9th to 12th std, the students become completely busy in tuition as well as in study, at the age of 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th and these students remain physically unfit due to lack of participation in sports. Even in girl students, the attraction towards the games and sports would be decreased due to this academic competitive environment. If one wants to be a good sports person then he/she needs to practice constantly 3–4 h daily for 4–5 years. But the view to look towards these facts are negative. Most of the parents think that only a single certificate would be the gain out of all these efforts. Instead of that it would be more prestigious to be a rank holder. Especially for the girl students, it is necessary to come forward and increase their participation in sports and games. Hence to increase the participation through the academic encouragement, the incentive marks can be enmarked in their mark statement. For the district level participation, 3 marks; for securing 1st, 2nd, 3rd position, 5 marks; for the state level participation, 10 marks; for securing 1st, 2nd, 3rd position, 15 marks, etc. If sports marks are allotted according to the level of participation then participation can be increased and in future it can be a good scenario in sports.

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