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Physiological profile of elite Iranian junior Greco-Roman wrestlers
  1. Farhad Rahmani-Nia
  1. Department of Sport Sciences University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran


The purpose of this study was to describe the physiological profile of elite Iranian junior Greco-Roman wrestlers. Seventy-one elite wrestlers (aged 19.7±0.8 years), who participated in Iran national training camps were selected for this study periodically. The physiological profile included body weight, maximal oxygen consumption (Bruce protocol), muscular endurance and strength (pull-ups, push-ups, grip strength, bench press, squat and bent-knee sit-ups tests), speed (40 yd running), agility (4 × 9 m running) and body composition (7 sites skinfold). Major results (mean ± SD) are as follow: body weight (kg) 77.4 ± 19.5, flexibility (cm) 40.95 ± 5.25, maximal oxygen consumption (ml/kg/min) 50 ± 4.75, bench press (w/kg) 1.47± 0.18, squat (w/kg) 1.76 ± 0.22, push ups (n) 66.7 ± 8.4, pull ups (n) 31.4 ± 11, grip strength (W/N) 0.89± 0.14, bent-knee sit-ups (n) 67± 6.6, speed (s) 5.1± 0.23, agility (s) 8.9± 0.7 and BF (%) 10.8±4.1. The present study provides baseline physiological data which have been used in the prescription of individual training programmes for these athletes. This information is also available to the coaches and contributes to the strategy for individual matches.

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