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Talent identification in kabaddi
  1. Vishal Thakur
  1. Punjab Institute of Engineering and Applied Research, Lalru Mandi, Malakpur, Mohali, Punjab, India


Studies have revealed that scientific approach for talent identification is of utmost importance for superior performance in sports. It is very important that every sportsman is aware of his or her standard of performance and where he or she stands in comparison to other players. Measurement will show the coach how effective his training is and how well the player has assimilated the skill taught. If tests are administered during the training process, the evaluation becomes a motivating factor for the trainees, leading to self-improvement. In kabaddi the need for a scientific approach in talent identification of players at a young age can be nurturing, in a systematic manner to bring out their potential in full and for best performance. The selected tests must be objective, reliable, valid and should be applied in correct norms.

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