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Information communication technology as predictor of service delivery system in sport management in Nigeria
  1. Morakinyo Tunde,
  2. Gloria Abimbola Obajimi
  1. University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


The changing world of innovation through information technology provides keeping abreast with the world electronically. Sport managers in Nigeria have not adequately exploited this form, which has brought about the level of uncertainty to athletes and coaches due to information lapses, resulting to haphazard preparations leading to poor performance. Descriptive survey research design of was adopted. One thousand, six hundred and fifty-four respondents (National Sport Federations and athletes) were randomly drawn from six purposive National Federations and their States Associations from each geographical zone in Nigeria. Two research instruments: Sport Information Technology Assessment (r = 0.87) and Sport Management and Service Delivery Assessment (r=0.86) was adapted for this study. Data were analysed using multiple regression.

The three variables namely; technical know-how of personnel, training of personnel and provision of IT facilities within sport complexes, accounted for 88% of the total variance in service delivery system in sport management. The variables tested made significance contributions (p< 0.05) in the following order: technical know-how of personnel (β = 0.451, p< 0.05), training of personnel (β=0.330, p<0.05), provision of IT facilities within sport complexes (β= 0.341, p<0.05), and training changes of personnel (β=.370, p<0.05). Information technology plays a vital role for service delivery system in sport management. Training in information for communication technology uses should be the corner stone for excellent and improved performances. Priority attention should focus on providing information equipment at sport complexes as a back-up for use to provide better service delivery.

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