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Aerobic and anaerobic performance improvement through yogic practice
  1. M Saha,
  2. O S Tomer,
  3. K Halder,
  4. A Pathak
  1. Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), DRDO, Timarpur, Delhi, India


Literature supports the impact of yogic practice on physical performance especially, the aerobic aspects. The study therefore attempted to compare the effect of 3 months yogic practice on aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Healthy young male volunteers of age 21–33 years, height 174.8±3.52 cm and weight 69.6±7.17 kg (mean±SD) were participated in this study (64 volunteers for anaerobic (n1=64) and 21 volunteers for aerobic (n2=21)). The yoga training imparted by certified yoga teacher included the practice of yogasanas, pranayamas, meditation, mudra and bandh for 2 h in the morning and 1½ h in the evening during the weekdays. Wingate Anaerobic Test protocol was applied for the prediction of peak and average anaerobic power. The device consisted of a mechanically braked bicycle ergometer and a software controlling the test. Aerobic performance was assessed by submaximal exercise for 5 min on a bicycle ergometer with a fixed load of 150 w and cycle speed 50 rpm. Heart rate was recorded at rest, 5 min of exercise. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated as the ratio of weight to height squared. After 3 months body weight and BMI decreased significantly (p < 0.05). After training, heart rate decreased non-significant by 5.10%, at 5 min of exercise as compared to that before training. Peak and average anaerobic power (Wingate Test) improved significantly (p < 0.05). The study revealed that 3 months continuous yogic exercise resulted improvement in anaerobic capacity of individuals, as compared to aerobic capacity.

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