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The correlation between the use of sensory distraction to enable sports and fitness skills repetition and accelerating learning and fighting the childhood obesity epidemic
  1. Thomas Root
  1. Chief Executive Officer, HOPSports, Inc., Valencia, California, USA


Mr Root is committed to children who have lost interest in physical activity or those that have not discovered a form which excites them. Mr Root engineered HOPSports to redefine student perception and participation of school-based physical education by empowering kids to choose attractive and rewarding forms of physical activity that enable them to live sustainably in healthy lifestyles throughout adulthood. Through 21st century technology mediums, HOPSports delivers entertaining and educational digital content that effectively relate to 21st century kids. Children experience a variety of sensory distractions which enable the repetition of standards-based sports and fitness skills development. Kids may simultaneously watch wellness-themed animated videos, choose modern music, or learn valuable educational and social messaging while they increase their moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). Independent studies plainly show that the HOPSports Training System (HTS) achieves significant increased MVPA among its student users. Educators can no longer ignore the growing body of research which explores the connection between exercise and the brain's performance that shows even moderate exercise will, among other things, supercharge mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen thinking and enhance memory. Consequently, the HTS both fights the childhood obesity epidemic and accelerates learning by enhancing cognitive focus for substantive classroom learning.

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