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The role of sport as a change agent in the lives of women with disabilities: the Nigerian experience
  1. Florence B Adeyanju1,
  2. Mariam A Sulieman1,
  3. Angela Yesufu2
  1. 1Department of Physical and Health Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria
  2. 2Kogi State Sports Council, Lokoja, Nigeria


Evidence abound of the neglect and discrimination against women especially those with disabilities. Given the prejudice against women in general, women with disabilities in Nigeria suffer greater discrimination, additional burden and obstacles to their well being because of their disabilities. The burden in turn inhibits their integration and participation in numerous activities including sports. This paper examined the barriers to participation in sports by women with disabilities, it analysed perceived impact of sport on those who participate/participated and have excelled in it and explored further, the use of sport as a strategic tool for the needed positive change.

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