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Relationship between student: athlete satisfaction and leadership profiles of sport administrators in Nigerian Universities
  1. Musa Garba Yakasat1,
  2. Venkateshwarlu Kankanala2
  1. 1Director of Sports, Bayero University Kano, Kano State, Nigeria
  2. 2Department of Physical and Health Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria


Sports in the Nigerian Universities are essentially for students and by students. This means that the student is not only the prime beneficiary but also a prime producer of sports as entertainment in the university. Therefore the success of the university athletic programme depends on the satisfaction that students derive from sports. This study was conducted to find out the relationship between students-athletes' satisfaction and leadership profile of sports administrators in Nigerian Universities. To achieve the purpose a self-developed and validated questionnaire on students-athletes' satisfaction on leadership profiles of sports administrators was administered on the 700 randomly selected student-athletes from 14 Nigerian Universities. The part of the questionnaire on leadership profile was based on multifactor leadership questionnaire and the part of the questionnaire on student-athletes' satisfaction was based on the facets of athlete satisfaction questionnaire. Positive results were obtained on and team outcomes as well as individual processes of student-athlete satisfaction. The study also showed significant correlations among individual and team processes, as well as individual and team outcomes. The results showed that sports administrators of Nigerian Universities has transformational leadership profile more that translational and non-leadership profiles. The results further revealed significant correlations of transformational leadership, transactional leadership and non-leadership profiles with individual outcomes, team outcomes, individual processes of student-athletes; which were more than 44, explaining more than 42% of the variance in athletes' satisfaction.

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