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Effect of maximal sprints performed with ball on anaerobic power and performance of footballers
  1. A Kamar
  1. Istanbul University School of Physical Education and Sports, lstanbul, Turkey


The effect of sprints performed with a ball on the anaerobic power and performance was examined after RAST (Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test) that measures the anaerobic power was applied to 19 male footballers whose Mean age was 18± 1 y, height 74±6 cm, body mass 65.7±5.6 kg and maxVO2 53±5 ml/kg/min firstly in the normal procedure and then in the form of sprint with ball. Sprinting with the ball caused the anaerobic power average of the experiment group to decline by 23 % (P<0.001). While the average value was 5.5±0.4 s (501±97 W) in the normal procedure, this value was 6.0± 0.4 s (388±83 W) in the one performed with the ball. When 6 sprints of subjects performed with ball and without ball were examined, the least loss of average power was observed in the 3rd runs (−20%). As for the maximum power loss, it was detected in the average of 5th runs (−28%), (P<0.001). When the fatigue index of the subjects was analysed, value obtained in the normal procedure without a ball was 7.5±2.4 W/s and the average value of the practice with ball was 5.8±2.0 W/s (P<0.001). In the study, sprint distance was analysed in divisions of 5 m each and acceleration change of running within this distance was examined. While average acceleration naturally varied in the five meter parts of the sprint run of a total 35 m, the highest acceleration of both the normal procedure and the practice with ball was detected between 20th and 25thm (P<0.001). RAST (P<0.01) and with ball RAST (P<0.05) are correlated Vertical Jump and Standing Long Jump.

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