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Profound diathermy uhf in sport traumatological pathology
  1. Suros Romagos Jordi,
  2. Suros Frigola Joaquim,
  3. Parrilla Forcada Iris
  1. Sportcat, C/ Ricard Casademont N° 2 (17240), Girona, Spain


Introduction Profound diathermy ultra high frequency (UHF), are electromagnetically waves which create a profound therapeutic thermal increase, at a muscle, tendon, or intra joint level depending pathology or therapeutically demand.

Those are non-ion sated waves that through the therapeutic profoundness achieve to enter till 8–10 cm acting on the focal point of the lesion/injury. The deepness and these results can not be reached with any microwave or short wave.The working of the therapeutically frequency is 433.9 mHz with the potential of 150 w. Applicable in every acute inflammatory joint and chronicle dystrophy, fibrosis post surgical, tendinosis, condropathy, bursitis, hematomas, joint dislocation. With very high results from the first application through the profound thermal vasodilatation application in the tissue, creating a wide tissue oxygenation and stimulation of the segregation of collagen.

This type of technology al by herself is very resolute and doesn’t have any side effects.

You can take the benefit of the application of other therapies to potency the therapeutically effect.

The application of the profound diathermy UHF, accelerates the recovery process, reduces the time of pain and reduces the rest time (of not paying sport), accelerating the reincorporation of the sport activity. Decrease the risk of consequences.

The application of the therapy is 10 min it is possible to do it twice a day to accelerate the efficiency therapeutically, but then it would be enough to do it twice a week.

The healing of the pathological described above last between 10 and 20 sessions.

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