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Foot and ankle injuries during the athens 2004 olympic games
  1. M Takvorian,
  2. E Evangelou,
  3. T Badekas
  1. Metropolitan Hospital, Athens, Greece


The Athens Olympic Games in 2004 represented a significant sporting and medical challenge. Major, rare and complex incidents can occur at any mass gathering sporting festival and team medical staff should be appropriately prepared for these. During the 2004 Olympic Games, injuries in all sport tournaments (men's and women) were analysed. A total of 624 injuries (520 soft tissue injuries and 99 bony injuries) were reported. The most prevalent diagnoses were contusions, sprains, fractures, dislocations and lacerations. Significantly more injuries in male (68%) versus female athletes (32%) were recorded. The incidence, diagnosis, and causes of injuries differed substantially between the team sports.

This study concerns an epidemiologic analysis to determine the incidence rate of foot and ankle injuries as also the treatment options of these lesions in the field and in short term during the time frame of the Games. Also analyse the function modalities of the Foot and Ankle Clinic, the necessity of the establishment of a well organised Foot and Ankle department. and the co operation of the different medical specialities that dealing with foot and Ankle Sport Injuries.

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