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University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical education, Sports & Kinesiology
  1. Rusu Ligia
  1. Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Kinesiology, University of Craiova, Craiova, Romania


Lecture 26

University of Craiova is one of the most important universities in Romania. It includes also Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Kinesiology that prepare the future specialists in sport performance, trainers and sport rehabilitation. Most of the teachers of this faculty are sports medicine physicians and they have also medical activity in the Sport Medicine Department of Emergency Hospital Craiova.

In our university we coordinate the programmes that included important aspects of sports medicine like: anatomy and biomechanic, physiology and sport physiology, rehabilitation and recovery in sport, sports medicine in chronic diseases. Practical activity included working with sports centres from south region of Romania, by specific assistance to athletes in Sports Medicine Department of our hospital. The sports medicine physicians in accordance with European Standards of Sports Medicine speciality give specific assistance by: clinical examination, cardiology exam, orthopaedic and rehabilitation exams, assessment of effort capacity and functional assessment, biometric assessment. The final diagnosis helps the athletes to have the best recommendations regards effort, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation.

In side of our university we have a research centre named ‘Research centre for study human body motricity’. This research centre has an activity in according with European ethics recommendations. It has departments for research in field of sports medicine and sport performance, sport rehabilitation using results of fundamental research regards how the sport activity induce functional and structural changes of human body. The centre has the following departments: motric anthropology, structural anthropology, kinesiology, physical therapy, sport medicine, statistic analyse of research. Focus group of our research are physicians from sports medicine, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and also athletes and trainers.

Research activity in field of sports medicine is developed in relation with practical activity in field of sports by cooperation with sports centres like: athletic team, football teams, volleyball, handball and basket teams.

In Romania sports medicine is a medical speciality and the future specialist have to prepare in this field for 4 years and they obtain the title of sports medicine physician specialist. During 4 years they obtain knowledge regards traumatology, physical therapy, cardiologic assessment of heart athletes, sport specific adaptations and specific rehabilitation and training.

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