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Sudden cardiac death in the young
  1. Sanjay Sharma
  1. Medical Director, London Marathon, London, UK


Lecture 30

The sudden death of a young (<35 years old) is a particularly tragic event given the potential number of life years lost. There are between 10 and 12 sudden cardiac deaths in young individuals per week in the UK. Most deaths are secondary to inherited or congenital abnormalities of the heart, the commonest being the hereditary cardiomyopathies. The phenotypic manifestation of some of the disorders implicated is heterogeneous and therefore expert input is essential. Most disorders can be diagnosed using non-invasive investigations and treatments range from life style modifications to cardiac surgery.

Objectives To define:

  1. magnitude of the problem

  2. demographics of the victims

  3. causes of sudden cardiac death

  4. clinical manifestations of disorders

  5. investigation and management of conditions causing sudden cardiac death.

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