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The clinic embraces all aspects of SEM from ‘exercise on prescription’ and ‘functional rehabilitation programmes’ to specialist image guided spinal injections
  1. Simon Petrides


Simon is a Musculoskeletal and Sports physician and Director of the Blackberry Clinic in Milton Keynes. Simon has a special interest in prolotherapy injections as an adjunct to intense rehabilitation programmes for unremitting low back pain (LBP).

This has culminated in successful treatment of many elite athletes and footballers.

Most clinical trials on the treatment have shown significant benefits but no prominent trials have used patients with specific back pain diagnoses using selective block injections to determine which patients are most likely to benefit.

Rowing has a LBP incidence of 100% and over 20 GB rowers have been successfully treated using this technique.

The lecture will summarise his experience in the use of prolotherapy in these athlete.

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