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Aspects of anthropometric and morphofunctional cardiac parameters in a lot of junior football players
  1. V Dinu1,
  2. M L Călina1,2,
  3. L Rusu1,2,
  4. D Enescu Bieru2,
  5. A Gusti1,2
  1. 1Polyclinic of Sports Medicine, Emergency Clinical Hospital, Craiova, Romania
  2. 2Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Craiova, Craiova, Romania


Introduction Physical exercises and sport activity induce myocardium and vascular tree important functional and morphologic adjustment changes, which mostly explain the aerobe performances improvement. The present work studied the anthropometric and morphofunctional cardiac parameters in 30 junior football players, with ages between 10 and 18 years, during specific training period.

Methods In order to appreciate the athletes anthropometric profile, that have been measured the height, the weight, the body mass index, the thoracic perimeter and the Erismann harmony index.

Was recorded the ECG for the 12 classic derivations using the HEART 112D device and also the blood pressure and the heart rate values. The parameters obtained through echocardiography using the SIEMENS Acuson CV/70 device were: the cardiac cavity diameters, the cardiac volumes, the ejection fraction and the interventricular septum dimensions.

Results The results were compared with the ones of a 30 subjects control group, having the same age but not practicing any performance sports. Anthropometric measurements reveal that 32.5% of the sportsmen were underweight, 62.5% had a normal weight and the others were overweight. The thoracic diameters were moderately statistically correlated (r = 0.42) with a slight increase of left ventricle telesystolic and telediastolic volumes. The cardiac volumes were within studied age specific limits, being correlated with the presence of pulmonary regurgitation and ejection fraction (r = 0.78).

Conclusions The effort practice by the professional junior football players ameliorates the anthropometric parameters, but also the morphofunctional cardiac ones.

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