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Meniscal tears, repairs and replacement: their relevance to osteoarthritis of the knee
  1. Ian McDermott
  1. London Sports Orthopaedics, London, UK
  2. Brunel University, Middlesex, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ian McDermott, London Sports Orthopaedics, 31 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HT, UK; ian.mcdermott{at}


The menisci of the knee are important load sharers and shock absorbers in the joint. Meniscal tears are common, and whenever possible meniscal tears should be surgically repaired. Meniscectomy leads to a significant increased risk of osteoarthritis, and various options now exist for replacing missing menisci, including the use of meniscal scaffolds or the replacement of the entire meniscus by meniscal allograft transplantation. The field of meniscal surgery continues to develop apace, and the future may lie in growing new menisci by tissue engineering techniques.

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