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Respiratory parameters of elite national water polo and volleyball players
  1. J Plavsic,
  2. S Djordjevic-Saranovic,
  3. T Gavrilovic,
  4. J Zlatkovic,
  5. S Mazic
  1. National Institute of Sport, Belgrade, Serbia
  1. Email: jadranka.plavsic{at}


Background The differences in respiratory parameters among young athletes could be influenced by biological development itself or they could appear under the impact of the training stimulus that is characteristic for a certain type of sport.

Objective The aim of this study was to show the differences in respiratory parameters (FVC (L), FEV1 (L), PEF (L/s), MVV (L/min), VE (L/min), Vmax-25 (L/s), Vmax-50 (L/s), Vmax-75 (L/s), VT (L)) between the two groups of elite national water polo and volleyball teams.

Setting and participants This research included 32 mail professional players divided in two groups, water polo (n1=15, age 25.95±3.60 years old, body height 192.70±3.76 cm, body weight 100.80±5.84 kg) and volleyball (n2=17, age 24.53±3.80 years old, body height 198.44±4.97 cm, body weigh 91.47±9.84 kg). The research was conducted in the laboratory for functional diagnostic in the National Institute of Sport in Belgrade.

Methods Measurement of respiratory parameters was performed using a Cosmed spyrometer Pony graphic.

Results By applying the T test on two small independent samples we didn't notice statistically significance difference in respiratory parameters between elite national water polo and volleyball teams. On the level of statistic significance p<0.001 we spotted a difference in body height (water polo 192.70±3.76 cm vs volleyball 198.44±4.97 cm) and body weight (water polo 100.80±5.84 kg vs volleyball 91.41±9.84 kg).

Conclusions We observed no significant differences in static and dynamic respiratory parameters among the participating senior water polo and volleyball players. We conclude that after complete biological development, it is not possible to influence most respiratory parameters studied.

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