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The vuvuzela sounds
  1. Jon Patricios
  1. Correspondence to Jon Patricios, South African Sports Medicine Association, PO Box 1267, Parklands, 2121, South Africa; jpat{at}

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Traditionally made from and inspired by a kudu (antelope) horn, the vuvuzela was used in Africa to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. One of the lasting impressions left on many who witnessed the 2010 FIFA World Cup is of the persistent and somewhat monotonous sound of the modern-day version of this instrument blown relentlessly by South Africans and, somewhat contagiously, by international supporters as well. In a metaphorical sense, South Africans and the sports medicine community, in particular, are again sounding their vuvuzelas imploring the world to take notice. The theme this time is the further development of an ethos of sports medicine excellence on our continent and in South Africa, in particular.

African medical and scientific excellence

We celebrate the President of FIFA awarding South Africa ‘9 out of 10’ for hosting the World Cup in 2010. This is just one example of successful high-profile sporting events held in South Africa. Interestingly, Johannesburg is one of only …

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