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Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ankle sprains: an evidence-based clinical guideline
  1. Gino M Kerkhoffs1,
  2. Michel van den Bekerom2,
  3. Leon A M Elders3,
  4. Peter A van Beek4,
  5. Wim A M Hullegie5,
  6. Guus M F M Bloemers6,
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  9. Kitty C J G M Rosenbrand9,
  10. Ton Kuipers10,
  11. J W A P Hoogstraten11,
  12. Rienk Dekker12,
  13. Henk-Jan ten Duis13,
  14. C Niek van Dijk14,
  15. Maurits W van Tulder15,
  16. Philip J van der Wees16,
  17. Rob A de Bie17
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  1. Correspondence to MPJ van den Bekerom, Spaarnepoort 1, 2130 AT Hoofddorp, the Netherlands; bekerom{at} or to GMMJ Kerkhoffs, Meibergdreef 9, 1100 DD Amsterdam; G.M.Kerkhoffs{at}


Ankle injuries are a huge medical and socioeconomic problem. Many people have a traumatic injury of the ankle, most of which are a result of sports. Total costs of treatment and work absenteeism due to ankle injuries are high. The prevention of recurrences can result in large savings on medical costs. A multidisciplinary clinical practice guideline was developed with the aim to prevent further health impairment of patients with acute lateral ankle ligament injuries by giving recommendations with respect to improved diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. The recommendations are based on evidence from published scientific research, which was extensively discussed by the guideline committee. This clinical guideline is helpful for healthcare providers who are involved in the management of patients with ankle injuries.

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  • GMK and MvdB contributed equally to the manuscript.

  • Funding The development of this guideline was financially supported by the Netherlands organisation for health research and development (ZonMw) within the framework of the programme ‘Management of Knowledge, Quality Curative Care’. Neither they nor a member of their immediate families received payments or other benefits or a commitment or agreement to provide such benefits from a commercial entity. No commercial entity paid or directed, or agreed to pay or direct, any benefits to any research fund, foundation, division, centre, clinical practice or other charitable or non-profit organisation with which the authors, or a member of their immediate families, are affiliated or associated. Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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