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  1. Menia Kazaki1,
  2. Nikos Malliaropoulos2,
  3. Kostas Epaminontidis3
  1. 1 Institute of Anassa Vermio Outdoor & Mind-Body Fitness, Veria, Greece
  2. 2 Institute of National Track and Field Center, Sports Injury Clinic, Sports Medicine Clinic of S.E.G.A.S., Thessaloniki, Greece
  3. 3 Institute of Sports Clinic Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece


It is since the mid 80's that exercise and various forms of physical activity have been receiving both gradual interest and growth in the modern world as accumulating data have been demonstrating their relation to the prevention of and rehabilitation from several health conditions. In addition, the concern of establishing health related quality of life in our inactive, disease threatened societies has received great dimensions. Accordingly, the need to disseminate information, increase participation and adherence while avoiding injury as much as possible has become imperative and accurately expressed in the words of R.E. Sallis who stated that we must begin to merge the fitness industry with the health care industry if we are going to improve world health.

E.B.C. is a training system that emerged out of the aforementioned facts and aims at fighting inactivity, promoting safety during exercise and everyday living, relieving stress and pain and thus promoting health in a general, pleiotropic way. E.B.C. is a carefully selected, creative, multidimensional application of the various, known elements that should underpin every exercise/physical activity regimen but are usually not. According to E.B.C. acquiring partial and total body consciousness enhances performance, technique, adaptations, injury prevention, stress management and finally retainability. E.B.C. is designed to precede all various modes of traditional and contemporary exercise but also to safely induce activity after rehabilitation. Through elaborated guidance and instruction the joints of the body are mobilized, realized and manipulated with special attention to movement patterns that exhibit low levels of consciousness and/or adequate problems. Physical execution is always accompanied by information on body construction and function as well as injury prevention. Mental support, continuous assiduity and emotional well-being are also provided. The fields of sports'n'exercise medicine, physiotherapy and health'n'fitness are reflected in the system and are continually supporting, adjusting, progressing and updating it in order to increase its effectiveness upon public health.

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