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  1. A Scott
  1. Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada


ISTS2012 was sponsored by the Department of Physical Therapy, the Canadian Institutes of CIHR (meeting planning and dissemination grant), the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Centre, BJSM, Sonosite, The Orthopaedic Biologic Institute, and ASTYM corporation.

Thanks to the scientific committee and organising committee.

Scientific committee: Alex Scott, Jill Cook, Patrick Danielson, Malcolm Collins, Craig Purdam, Henning Langberg, Nele Mahieu, Paul Ackermann, Roger Smith, Tomas Fernando Fernandez Jaén.

Organising committee: Angela Fearon, Callista Haggis, Jacqueline Alexander, Aishwariya Sharma.

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