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Knowledge is only rumour, until it is in the muscle
  1. Robert-Jan de Vos
  1. Correspondence to Dr Robert-Jan de Vos, Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Erasmus University Medical Centre, PO Box 2040, Rotterdam, 3000 CA, The Netherlands; r.devos{at}

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Learning is not only knowledge acquirement; it is about taking action, generating results and mobilising others. An essential component of acquiring knowledge is the willingness to change, reflected in an old New Guinean proverb “Knowledge is only rumour, until it is in the muscle.”

With this fundamental idea, the Dutch Association of Sports Medicine (Vereniging voor Sportgeneeskunde)—founded in the Netherlands nearly 50 years ago—started a mission to make Sports Medicine an independent specialty. A task force, established in 2009, was able to gain from their previous experience in 2002, when the specialist application from the VSG was first rejected. Since then, Dutch Sports Medicine has made significant efforts to improve the quality, training, scientific research and reputation of the specialty. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the task force, Sports Medicine is now a recognised specialty in the Netherlands. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport confirmed this decision on 8 April 2014, on the recommendation of the College of Medical Specialties of the doctors’ federation.1

This is a major milestone …

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